Promotion: rack oven Zucchelli Rotorfan 5

////Promotion: rack oven Zucchelli Rotorfan 5
Promotion: rack oven Zucchelli Rotorfan 52021-09-17T13:35:48+02:00

Promotion: rack oven Zucchelli Rotorfan 5

PROMO: Rotorfan 5: 22.500,00 € burner included.

1 year service 24/7 included (only in Belgium).


rack door door rotor glass door

rack oven dimensions

rack oven connections

Constructive characteristics

Weight Kg 1050
Overall dimensions (bigger part) mm 1330×820 minimum necessary space for passage of disassembled oven
Rack max width mm 700 foreseen space of 50 mm between rack and door frame
Rack max diagonal mm 1020 foreseen space of 30 mm between rack and baking chambers walls
Rack max load Kg 100

Technical characteristics

Baking surface m2 7,2 considering rack with 15 trays 60×80
Hourly production Kg 100
Max working temperature °C 300
Temperature rise gradient °C/min 12 on empty oven
Temperature rise gradient °C/min 6 on fully loaded oven
Ventilator characteristics
Air flow m3/min 25÷40 mod. ECB 300
Motor power hp 0,75 a 4 poles, 1400 rpm, mod. H80A4VE/B5

Steam suction fan characteristics

Air flow m3/min 22÷32 mod. VBN 161
Motor power hp 0,5 a 4 poles, 1400 rpm, mod. H71B4VE/B5
Diameter steam exhaust pipe mm 200

Steam generator characteristics

Humidification interval min 20 for oven at 250 °C
Incoming water pressure bar 1,5
Diameter water arrival pipe inch ½”
Diameter water discharge pipe inch 1”

Combustion chamber characteristics

Furnace volume dm3 59
Furnace pressure mbar -1 ÷ -4 depression with burner on
Diameter smoke exhaust pipe mm 150

Installed capacities rack oven

Electrical power kw 1,5
Termical power kcal 55.000 corresponding to 63,9 KW

Rack oven consumption

Overage daily consumption Kg/h 2,7 ÷ 4,3 for GASOIL fired ovens (indicative value calculated on 8 hours operation)
Overage daily consumption m3/h 3,2 ÷ 5,1 for GAS fired ovens (indicative value calculated on 8 hours operation)

Burner characteristics

Typology Single-stage blown air
Nozzle max lenght mm 120
Tension Volt 230
Nozzle calibration gph 1,25 a 60° with pump at 12 bar
Incoming gas pressure mbar 30 ÷ 360
Burner supply gas connector inch ½ ”
Burner supply gasoil connector inch ½ ”