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Tray Cleaners JEROS

platenkuismachineYour clean and greased trays always ready.


Quickly repay its initial investment:

The JEROS Tray Cleaner is very labour saving. It
cleans and greases 100 trays within 6-8 minutes.
The JEROS Tray Cleaner handles trays with up to
2 borders and is being produced to customer tray
specifications. If required the tray cleaner can be
set up for cleaning 2 different tray sizes.
The JEROS Tray Cleaner should quickly repay its
initial investment.

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Automatic oil greasing unit:

The rubber roller which greases the trays
does not run directly through the oil.
This special system makes it possible to adjust the
oil coating infinitely variable on trays.
A rotating axle, placed in the oil, is pressed into the
rubber roller if the oiling unit is connected. The pressure
for the oil coating can be adjusted according to
requirements. The oil function can with effortless
ease be disconnected if required.

Side brushes:

More than 15 years ago the lower steel brushes
were equipped with side brushes. The trays are
transported through the machine with the baking
side down and the side brushes ensure excellent
cleaning up to the edge of the tray – The side brushes
also save wear on the main brush and can be
replaced easily within minutes

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