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Spiraalkneder met uitrijdbare kuip

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Spiral mixer CP


The new series of automatic spiral mixers mod. CPM, have a dough capacity that varies from kg. 50 to kg. 200. These machines are equipped with two independent motors for the spiral and the bowl, from 80 kg mininum. The body of the machine is in thick iron while the bowl, the spiral and the protection grid are of stainless steel. The ideal speed combination between the movement of the spiral and the bowl enables you to obtain a soft and perfectly oxygenated dough. Furthermore, our mixers can perform very small batches even with the biggest models. The working cycle can be automatic or manual, two speed, both with programmable timers. You can invert the rotation of the bowl even during the automatic cycle. At the end of the working cycle you can operate manually the bowl with a jog movement in order to help take out the dough. This versatility is related with an extreme simple and strong mechanical system. All the transmissions are driven by adjustable belts that enable an easy maintenance and lead to a very silent machine. The CPM mixers are equipped with wheels and blocking device.

The CPM series of spiral mixers is completed by the electronic series CPMel. TO the well known characteristics of the CPM Series, the CPMel adds an electronic programmable control panel, a water meter and a thermal probe. It is possible to program up to 99 different mixing recipes, three different speeds (of whom one slow cycle with the inverted bowl rotation to help premixing) and the liter quantity to deposit into the bowl with the constant indication of the water temperature. The thermal probe on the side of the machine enables us to verify en every moment both the dough temperature and the environment temperature.

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