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Hydraulic Divider MERAND DIVA


The MERAND range of hydraulic dividers consists of 8 divider models: the most comprehensive range on the market!

It consists of: 3 round bowls and 5 square bowls – from 20 to 40 divisions (2 double-cuts models)
These provide good dough spreading (but the dough pieces are not all identical in shape).

DIVA 20 loft DIVA 20 DIVA 30


These have the advantage to produce dough balls of identical form which are easy to mould but which sometimes require more pressure on the dough for it to be spread properly, in particular in the corners.

DIVA 20 K loft DIVA 20 K DIVA 30 K DIVA 10/20 KDIVA 20/40 K 


The ATOUPAIN advantages

  • Very general-purpose Machine: 4 functions in 1 machine.
    • Hydraulic division
    • Moulder divider of tradition baguettes
    • Butter press
    • Grids divider
  • Patented Alvéoform System
    • Gives a rounded shape to the baguette
    • Weld edges without leaving of scar for a normal development from the scarification to the oven
  • Little cumbersome :
    • Includes the functions of divider, dough-rest and moulder